Accounting services

Accounting services are need for every Firm and Startup. Accounts are the backbone of any industry. Every organization needs to set up its accounting process. We provide bookkeeping & accounting solutions for all types of companies. Outsourcing of bookkeeping is beneficial in many ways, which includes reporting and taxation.

M Bahuguna and Company is one of the leading Accounting firms in Dehradun. Maintaining accurate and timely accounting records and financials is crucial to the success of every company.

We help you focus on the crux of your business objectives by helping you with accounting activities. We help you intensify your expertise and attention to the core business.

Outsourcing your accounting activities to an accounting firm like us will surely prove to be a better choice than using in-house analysts.

We have a team of qualified accountants well versed with accounting knowledge and updated with the latest regulations. As the accounting services are managed by skilled professionals, there is an increase in the level of accuracy in maintaining accounting reports.

we as an accounting firm will ensure that the accounting and financial records of our clients are updated to date and are meticulously maintained. This will ensure that the taxation and statutory compliances are complied with timely and regularly.

Proper financial records giving accurate insights will invite capital investments from investors and will make it easy for the startups to apply for business loans.

So, if you are looking for one of the best Accounting firms in Dehradun or startup accounting services, you can positively trust us, as our team of professional & competent experts will always provide to you with the best services.

Reach out to us at or contact us at +91 08126542391.

Book keeping services

  • Preparation of periodic financial reports e.g. Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash flow statement,
  • etc
  • Managing Receivables and Payables account
  • Payroll services
  • Invoice processing and bill payments
  • Budget estimates
  • Ratio analysis
  • Setup accounting policies and procedures
  • Book keeping services

Reach out to us at or contact us at +91 08126542391.

We can help you for Below Points

We help you with your management reports which is necessary for taking better business decision.
Help startups and business owners to setup the accounting

Our expert team provides the right advice for your Accounting requirements.
The cashflow report helps you understand the inflow and outflow of cash, Monthly Profit & Loss accounts help you understand your sales and Purchases. Every business judgment is depended on your accounts. Accounts outsourcing ensures that you have a professional team looking after your accounts and catering to your needs.

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